Boss Upcoming Speaking Events

Exploring Ambiguous Loss, A Conversation with Caregivers

Date: October 19, 2021
Time: 5:30-7 pm (EST)

Sponsored By: Dementia Care Collaborative, Education and Support for Patients, Caregivers, Clinicians Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA

Description: Pauline Boss, PhD, in conversation with Barbara Moscowitz, Founder and Assistant Director of Caregiver Education and Support of the Dementia Care Collaborative.

Dr. Boss will offer hope for caregivers while coping with stress and grief; in particular, she will address guidelines for building and sustaining resilience. She will also discuss the unique challenges for families living with dementia during the pandemic.

Rebuilding Personal and Professional Resilience: A Search for Meaning, Not Closure

Date: October 22, 2021
Time: 9-10:30 am (HST)

Sponsored By: Hawaiian Islands Association for Marriage and Family Therapy; Hawaii Psychological Association; and NASW (National Association of Social Workers), Hawaii Chapter

Description: When faced with a pandemic and losses that remain ambiguous, our resilience is all that we have to help us cope. With monumental losses, personally and professionally, we need to regain our strength and stability. Dr. Boss will offer six nonlinear guidelines that help build resilience to live with the stress of ambiguity and uncertainty.

Guilt, Grief, and Guideposts: A Conversation with Dr. Pauline Boss and Kathy Ritchie

Date: October 27
Time: 9-11 am (MST)

Sponsored By: Duet, Partners in Health & Aging, Phoenix, Arizona

Description: Dr. Boss will discuss guilt, grief, and the added ambiguity from COVID that caused loved ones to die alone–and mourners to grieve alone. She will explain why feelings of guilt are likely to be part of a caregiver’s normal grief process, offering guideposts for resilience and moving forward despite ambiguous loss. Journalist Kathy Ritchie has reported extensively on multiple aspects of caregiving. She’ll share her personal experience caring for her late mother, while Dr. Boss will refer to caring for her late husband.

Ambiguous Loss in a Time of Pandemic and Change

Date: November 12, 2021
Time: 10 am-1 pm (EST)

Sponsored by: Ackerman Institute for the Family

Description: Dr. Boss will focus on the ambiguous losses caused by—and illuminated by—the pandemic. Her focus this time at Ackerman will include cross-generational traumatic losses from slavery, genocide, and the continued racism suffered by families of color still today. The stress of change will be discussed for both the people we work with, as well as ourselves as therapists.